Sony Xperia Z4v: A step forward, but at the price of localization

The recent weeks have been a series of new product releases for Sony. First, the Xperia Z4 got its wide-accepted introduction to consumers in Japan. There was also the global Xperia Z3+ release, stirring discussions among casual users and industry experts. This week’s Tuesday continued the trend with another launch: that of Sony Xperia Z4v, […]


The amazing Sony Xperia M4 Aqua has a dark storage secret

When it entered the mass market earlier this year, Sony Xperia M4 Aqua quickly became a hit with both consumers and industry experts praising the smartphone for its specifications. Deservedly so, as the M4 Aqua really goes above and beyond given the fact that it’s primarily a mid-range handset. For a rather affordable price, you […]

Are Sony Xperia about to switch USB Type-C?

Sony Xperia To Switch To USB Type-C?

Sony seems to be considering an important leap forward, with internal discussions on using USB Type-C in future Sony smartphones. The announcement was made by Takeshi Nitta, Program Manager at Sony Mobile’s Tokyo project office. However, Nitta added that Sony will not rush the rather challenging step and the company will take its time. According […]